Saturday, 14 May 2011

Birds of a Feather

 Pkt 1-- Pretty pink single birds selling for $1.20 ea, normal postage for 2 or $1.20 for more

Pkt 1-- White Bird/ Black Polka  Dot Wings $1.20 ea
Pkt 1- Red Bird/Floral Wings- $1.20 ea (marks are just the reflection from the cellophane)
Pkt 1- Brown/Bone Floral Wings- $1.20 (marks are just the reflection from the cellophane)

Water Distressed Flowers

Pkt 2-  No1--Green Water Distressed flowers/matching bird--$3.50, normal postage for 1 pack, $1.20 for 2, capped price of $4.50 for more.
Pkt 2-- No2--Green Water Distressed Flowers/Matching Bird- $3.50

Pkt 2-- Bone/Brown Water Distressed Flowers/Matching Bird-$3.50
Pkt 2-- No 1- Brown/ Teal Water Distressed Flowers/  Teal Matching Bird-$3.50
Pkt 2--No2-  Brown /Teal Water Distressed Flowers/Brown Matching Bird $3.50 
Pkt 2- Pale Green/Brown Water Distressed Flowers/ Matching Bird $3.50
Pkt 2- Pretty Pink Water Distressed Flowers/ Matching Birds $3.50
Pkt 4-- Water Distressed Flowers /Bling Centres $3.00

Pkt 2- Small Pink/Bone Flowers- $2.00


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sponsorship News

Joyful Blooms is sponsoring the Cyber Crop over at SBT50.
And guess what I am Queen of the crop this month,( so excited), so I'll be setting a couple of challenges

Here's my challenge, for the opening night Mini Challenge, working with the theme "Fairy Tales" I would like you to google an image of your favourite fairytale, & use that image for inspiration. you can use the colours, the layout etc. I also want to see something from that image on your creation. It can be a card, an OTP or a LO,(less than 12x12)
I chose  Cinderella, here's my image
Here's my example

  I made a card. I included a castle from the above image, I have used the colours as well as layering(like the layers of Cinderella's petticoats) I also used one of my "Joyful Blooms" .

Then I was asked to do another challenge for the CC, so staying with the same theme, I created a LO using the following criteria,
1. Use "Once Upon A Time" as a title or subtitle.
2. You also need to... continue on with a story to go with your photo
3. Also seeing as the theme is fairytales, add book paper to your LO.
Here's my example, I've also added a cluster of "Joyful Blooms" & some bling